2017 Honorees

2017 Honorees include Celeste Bateman, Dr. Nancy Cantor, Newark City Council President Mildred Crump, Sanaz Hojre, Dr. Tayari Jones, Wincey Terry-Bryant and Marie Thomas.

Amina Figarova Sextet in Concert

March 29th - 7:00pm Amina Figarova is a quite phenomenal Azerbajan born, New York based pianist and stunning composer. Her sextet is fast developing a huge reputation on the international scene...

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African Beauty

Nishanth Nair, Director, 2016, 14m, U S A Taking a close look on the ghetto streets of New York, this film based on a true story, depicts a family who migrated from Africa years ago with the dream of succeeding in life like all others who migrate to the US. Mathembu, an unwealthy individual, lives with his wife, two kids and mother....

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A Small Dot on the Western Front

Sappers tunnel under No Man’s Land laying mines below the German lines. One of them causes a different kind of explosion.

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Breaking Free - A Survivor's Journey

Daniel Mills, Director, 2016, 9:38m, USA A young woman escapes her trafficker only to be branded by her arrest record. While volunteering at Courtney's House in Washington, D.C., she learns about the Amara Legal Center...

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Pawan Kumar Sharma, Director, 2016, 90m, India Young, innocent Lahula’s mother Mathru and elder sister Rajjo have multiple husbands at the same time. Illegal but socially accepted polyandry is practiced in their community for various socio-economic reasons. Multiple brothers share one woman as their wife ...

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C'est Moi

Set in modern day Montréal "C'est Moi" explores the collision of the past as it meets the present in the forgotten story of Marie-Josèphe Angélique, a figure of Black Canadian History and her efforts to fight against slavery in 18th Century New France. How much of our past is erased in the restoration of history?

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Palesa Lebona, Director, 2016, 15m, U.S.A. A 1960's period piece set in Oakland California centred around a 12 year-old, dark-skinned girl who is torn between her own personal identity, and seeking the love and affection from her light-skinned grandmother.

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Dialogue With My Grandmother

Gloria Rolando, Director, 2016, 40, Cuba In Dialog With My Grandmother, the filmmaker enters in a rich conversation with her grandmother who talks about Cuba, many years before the Cuban Revolution of 1959.

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Monica Mazzitelli, Director, 2015, 30m, Italy Twenty girls grow up in an orphanage called "O Viveiro," building their lives one millimeter per day, in the miserable and unhealthy town of Chitima, in Mozambique...

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Vanessa Hudson, Director, 2016, 24m, U S A In 2014, elite Indian track and field athlete, Dutee Chand, was told she was banned from competing in sports due to naturally high levels of testosterone in her body. Her medical test results were released to the press and her gender identity was questioned...

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Four Wives One Man

Nahid Persson, Director, Sweden/Iran, 2007, 76 minutes, Color, An intimate portrait of a polygamist family in a rural Iranian village, revealing the intricacies of the relationships between the four wives, their husband, their astoundingly free-spoken mother-in-law and their numerous children...

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In Our Heads About Our Hair

Hemamset Angaza, Director, 2013, 97m, USA Produced by women, this film examines issues Black women confront regarding hair and self-esteem. Despite a current natural-hair trend in some urban areas, many Black women say conforming to mainstream beauty standards makes it easier to find mates and corporate employment.

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In Their Eyes

Gina Levy, Director, 2016, 13m, South Africa In this short thriller, a confident young African-American woman on her way to conduct a research project in Africa finds herself alone in Africa, not sure whom she can to trust...

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Letters to April

Amanda Brennan , 2016, 14m, United Kingdon Letters to April is a story about a daughter searching of her Mother for over two decades. Set in 1978 the film flashes back to 1956 when April was placed in temporary care but tragically becomes part of the Child Migration Scheme sponsored by the British Government.

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Last Night In Edinburg

Bita Shafipour, Director, 2015, 28m, United Kingdom When two teen sisters discover that their family holiday abroad is really a plan by their parents to deliver them both into forced marriages, the girls flee home to find their own ways of remaining in Edinburgh...

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Life’s Essentials with Ruby Dee

Muta'Ali Muhammad, Director, 2014, 86m, U.S.A. This is a a documentary about love, art and activism, telling the story of one of the most enduring couples of our times, Ruby Dee & Ossie Davis. Their achievements in love, art, and activism...

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Kathleen Foster, Director, 2016, 52 minutes, US "Profiled" knits the stories of mothers of Black and Latin youth murdered by the NYPD into a powerful indictment of racial profiling and police brutality, and places them within a historical context of the roots of racism in the U.S...

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Sauti (Voice)

Beret Strong, Director, 2017, 73m, Uganda "Sauti" means voice in Swahili. Five teenaged girls have grown up in a refugee settlement in Uganda. They dream of transcending the fates of their parents and of being able to choose their own futures...

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Emma Thompson and produced by Jane Charles, 2014, 94m, India, USA The intense, emotional story of one 13 year-old girl’s quest for freedom after finding herself a victim of human trafficking between Nepal and India. Based on the international bestselling novel by Patricia McCormick, inspired by true events...

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Summer With the Monkey King

Ewing Luo, Director, 2016, 12m, China, U S A A 6-year-old girl breaks traditions to be a hero in order to get her parents' attention who are birthing a second child.

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The Butterfly

Nisheeta Keni, Director, 2016, 14m, India The story is about Anamika , a woman in her forties, who is extremely repressed in personality and in terms of her sexuality....She leads a life dictated by her parents, including her arranged marriage. One day, she is widowed and no longer knows what to do with life....

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The Fall

Qihui Gong, Director 11:30 min., May 2016, USA/China I decided to make a film in order to explore those changes based on appearances. Hair and the conditions of baldness and wigs became the vehicle for my explorations just as they had been for us.

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The Margaret Lambert Story

nina horowitz, Director, 2016, 25m, U S A A Jewish athlete is barred from competition during Hitler’s 1936 Olympic Games, despite being the best high-jumper in Germany and arguably the world...

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Nicole Franklin, Director, 2016, 72m, USA She’s powerful, Black and female. But at her firm, Blacks need not apply. The events of the film TITLE VII illustrate why same-race discrimination can not only ruin a company, but possibly destroy lives.

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What Came After

Tonya Pinkins, Director, 2016, 17m, U S A A deaf women is brutally raped and forced to have the child by her religious mother. The grandmother raises the child, a girl, in the love of Jesus and the Blessed mother. But when the girl explores lesbian sexuality, a price must be paid

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You Don't Need A Boyfriend

Dorothy Wallace, Director, 2016, 5 1/2m, U.S.A. A cross between South Park and School House Rock, this award-winning animated comedy...uses comedy and music to raise awareness about serious issues affecting kids and to help educate kids about difficult topics.

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Ad Journal 2018

"Passages: Women In Transition," our 2018 Women's History Month Film Festival opens on March 27th at the Newark Museum with "The Rape of Recy Taylor!" Mama Africa: Miriam Makeba screens on March 31st. Please stay tuned for the announcement about the 2018 schedule where we will share stories about women who are immigrants/refugees, as well as stories about myriad life changes women face daily!



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Women’s History Month 2017 Honorees

Celeste Bateman

Dr. Nancy E. Cantor

Hon. Mildred Crump

Sanaz Hojreh

Dr. Tayari Jones

Wincey Terry Bryant

Marie Thomas