12 Months

Screens on Saturday, April 2, 12:00noon – RU Paul Robeson Student Center

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Charysse Harper, Film Maker

Charysse Tia Harper was born and raised in Oxnard, California. She graduated from the University of Southern California with Bachelor degrees in Cinema & Television Productions and Broadcast Journalism. She also earned MA degrees in Management & Leadership and International Relations at Regent’s University London in the United Kingdom.

Upon finishing her undergraduate studies, Charysse moved to London. Being immersed in an international city with a large mix of ethnicities, she fell in love with learning about different cultures. She has traveled to 23 countries and has enjoyed recounting her experiences with her family and friends. Because of this, Charysse knew that making foreign documentaries would be her calling in life.

Over her career, Charysse has worked on numerous projects ranging from a World War II independent film (Only the Brave), to an informational video about chiropractics (Dr. Eckerson Chiropractics), as well as exploring how people cope when working in Las Vegas (Sin City).

Charysse is of Trinidadian descent. She has focused on her culture in three of her projects: 1) award-winning film, The Other Side of Carnival (2010) that looks at the social and economic impact Carnival has on the Trinidad & Tobago society; 2) T&T 50 in Fifteen (2012), a look at important events that have occurred during Trinidad & Tobago’s 50 years of independence; and 3) Panomundo (estimated completion October 2014), a project that is in production, which examines the history of Trinidad & Tobago’s steelpan and its influence around the world.

In addition, she completed 12 Months, a documentary about a Los Angeles man who rented his three-bedroom home for $1 a month to a family in need for a year. It had its World Premiere in February 2014, subsequent screenings in the US and UK, and was an official selection of Urbanworld Film Festival (Sept. 2014). She is producing Not In Our Culture, a 12-episode series about the differences of tribal weddings in Nigeria. The pilot has been filmed with the other episodes to follow.

Charysse has worked in the media department for the United States Air Force Reserve in Las Vegas and for national news station CNC 3 in Trinidad & Tobago. She currently resides in New York City.

You can find out more about Charysse and her projects at http://www.xploretheworld.biz/

Director’s Statement

I have had the opportunity to meet a variety of people and encounter an array of situation. Meeting those – cast and crew – involved in “12 Months” has, by far, been the most amazing experience for me! I hope you all enjoy the showcase of generosity that was shown not only in this subject matter, but in the making of the film where all funds raised were by donations!


About “12 Months

“12 Months” is a documentary about a Los Angeles man (Tony) who rented his home for the entire year of 2013 for $1 per month to help a family in transitional housing. He never met the family, but offered his 3-bedroom home to give the family a chance to get on their feet. The story follows Felicia Dukes and her four children as they are in Tony’s home, as well as explores the impact that generosity has on the community.