A Way Out

FilmMaker Gladys Bensimon

Screens August 17th at 6pm at Express Newark, 54 Halsey Street, Paul Robeson Art Gallery, 3rd floor, Newark, NJ

A Way Out A Way Out is a feature documentary about poverty and how we in America may overcome it. The film analyzes the factors of success through the stories of three minority men from Newark, New Jersey. These men successfully beat the odds…not by luck, but rather by deliberate support and opportunities that otherwise would have left them poor, incarcerated, or even dead.

In addition to the illustrative and compelling stories, the documentary features the historic, economic and academic analysis of poverty, and the history of racism and inequality in the United States, featuring various social, political, and economic experts.

My inspiration was two-fold: from my experience volunteering in a charter school in Newark, NJ, and after reading Malcom Gladwell’s Outliers. From there spurred years of research and analysis in partnership with experts to try to find the ways OUT of poverty that is possessing many cities in America.