About WIM-N


Women In Media – Newark is an organization that advocates for and educates the public about issues affecting the lives of women using film, video and new media as our platform. Merging culture and academia, we rally behind our sisters who courageously struggle to assume leadership roles in the film industry with their conscious effort to present a balanced image of women, dispelling the stereotypes, and changing public perception of their sisters worldwide.

Film is said to be the most powerful media of our time, yet it has too often served as a tool for the oppression of women. From the frequently portrayed negative images of women on the silver screen, to the absence of women behind the scenes, the film industry has not always served women well. It is gratifying to now see new opportunities for women which are in part due to the increased access to technology which is spurring the growth and development of film, video and new media. Remembering the old adage she who holds the pen writes the history, we are confident that the growth of women in leadership roles in the film, video and new media industries will spur projects that honor women and will begin to transform negative public perception and eradicate the misogyny that too often permeates popular culture. This is but a small step on the journey of realizing a world where there are equal opportunities for all, regardless of gender.

Our flagship event is our annual Women’s History Month film festival, which allows us to showcase and honor the work of established and emerging independent filmmakers who are predominately women, that tell women’s stories of faith, courage, hope, determination and fortitude. We also sponsor screenings of independent films of social relevance throughout the year. Future plans include participating in micro-credit projects for women in developing nations, outreach for high school students, and collaborations with woman’s film festival globally in order to raise the profiles of a diverse cadre of female film makers. Please stay tuned for our next event!

For more information contact us at info@wim-n.com.