Dialogue With My Grandmother

Gloria Rolando, Film Maker

Dialogue With My Grandmother

Screens April 4 – East Orange Public Library

Gloria Rolando, Director, 2016, 40min., Cuba Gloria Rolando has an extensive body of work on the African experience in Cuba.

In Dialog With My Grandmother, the filmmaker enters in a rich conversation with her grandmother who talks about Cuba, many years before the Cuban Revolution of 1959. Enriched with music and archival footage, Dialog With My Grandmother is one of those films that transport the viewer to a time when race and class relations in Cuba were marked by severe racial discrimination, open racism and violence against African descendants.”

Gloria Rolando dialogs with her grandmother, Inocencia Leonarda Armas y Abreu, “A beautifully constructed love letter transforming a 1993 interview conducted by the Cuban filmmaker with her grandmother, into a celebration of not only her grandmother’s legacy but also a tribute to the larger history, struggle and tenacity of Black Cubans and Black Cuban women in particular.” — Pan African Film Festival 2017, where it is nominated for Best Short Documentary

Filmmaker Gloria Rolando explores a dialog with her grandmother in a film that features the first depictions of Syncretic Spiritism (Espiritismo cruzado) along with Congo traditions, practices that are widespread in Cuba.