History of First Presbyterian Church Newark


FilmMaker Zelda Patterson

Screens July 20th at 6pm at Express Newark

Sandwiched between the Prudential Center and the Indigo Hotel is a church with a white steeple whose history dates back to 1666.  It’s the church that founded the city of Newark, Old First Presbyterian Church.  History has it that the first small edifice was burned to the ground by the British in retaliation for housing George Washington.  But the little church rebuilt itself.  It has survived through the rumors that it served as a stop on the Underground Railroad, numerous wars and the riots of the sixties.  It still feeds the poor and needy and is spurred on by parishioners of many different races from many different countries.  It still stands as a tribute to the faith and the resiliency of the city of Newark.

Photo of the basement area of the church where the Underground Railroad is rumored to have operated.