Pyramid Scream


Screens onWednesday, March 30, 5pm – RU Paul Robeson Student Center


Katie Uhlmann, Film Maker

Katie Uhlmann was born and raised in Trenton, Ontario, Canada. She co-directed, wrote, and acted in the short film Pyramid Scream. She graduated with a drama degree from Queen’s University in 2009. While at Queen’s she performed in community theatre, and was also an on campus reporter for the university’s local TV show.

Since then Katie has gone on to be an actress, entertainment reporter, and all-round goofball. She has been in countless television shows, indie films and commercials. Katie had her own online entertainment network called “Katie Chats,” where she has completed over 3000 interviews with various filmmakers and celebrities including David Cronenberg, Gordon Lightfoot, and Shannon Tweed.

About “Pyramid Scream”

Thinking she is meeting a new friend for coffee, a young woman is shocked to learn that she is just another pawn in her new friend’s pyramid scheme. Alana Pancyr and Katie Uhlmann star in this female-centric absurdist comedy about what happens when the power of greed and material goods becomes so strong that it jeopardizes a budding friendship.

Pyramid Scream is an absurdist comedy. I, like many others, have been approached on various occasions to be a part of what is widely known as a pyramid scheme. In this film, I really tried to capture the tunnel vision that these recruiters truly have in order to expand their network.