Film Maker Shannon Kohli






Bathroom stalls talk, but do we listen? “Help me.” Do we laugh? “The engineer next door turns me on…”Do we respond? “I throw up my food.” What if these voices were given a body? Given a life, given a chance? Stalled is a short film that exposes thoughts, feelings and struggles through shocking graffiti found in women’s bathrooms.

Stalled is a very unique piece. The whole film takes place in a public bathroom, and one actress plays all the characters. Based on found material, this film depicts anonymous secrets, shared from one woman to another through the walls of a washroom stall. People are braver when their identity is protected, so the honesty discovered on walls across the continent is both heart felt and terrifying.

The audience is taken on this journey by the fictional character of a janitor. As she cleans, she notices graffiti. Some quotes come off, some do not. Some are trivial. Some are not. Then as she enters each stall, she becomes the woman behind the door. The woman with a story to tell. Five stalls. Five stories. All real.