The Margaret Lambert Story

nina horowitz, FilmMaker

The Margaret Lambert Story

Screens April 5 – First Unitarian Society of Plainfield

nina horowitz, Director, 2016, 25m, U S A

A Jewish athlete is barred from competition during Hitler’s 1936 Olympic Games, despite being the best high-jumper in Germany and arguably the world.

The world’s eyes were locked on Berlin for the 1936 Summer Olympiad, allowing an opportunity for Hitler to create an image of Germany for its international guests that championed Aryan superiority. Adolf Hitler was determined to show off the true might of his regime and to this effect, would create tragedy for those he targeted. This documentary tells the story of one athlete, in particular, that was disenfranchised by Hitler’s “Propaganda Games”- Gretel Bergman.

Although her Olympic career was over on that fateful day in 1936, her story was far from finished. Today, in Queens, New York at the age of 102, she tells her story with the help from members of the international sports community who were all an integral part of Margaret’s story. Her story and proves that against all odds, courage can triumph.