Your Love

Screens on Monday, April 4, 5pm – East Orange Public Library

Laila petrone

Laila Petrone, Film Maker

Born in London to an Italian father and Dominican mother, Laila Petrone was raised between Rome, Italy and Los Angeles, CA. As a child of actress Iris Peynado, she appeared in a number of films including Luigi Magno’s historical masterpiece “State Buoni, Se Potete”.  As a college undergrad Laila studied International Affairs while simultaneously acting in a number of projects. She starred in the popular Italian music video “Guantanamera” by Banda Bassotti. She also appeared in the cameo role of Pina for Spike Lee’s “Miracle at St’ Anna” in 2007.  Over the past 5 years Laila has focused on working as an Assistant Director and Producer in Los Angeles. YOUR LOVE is Lailaʼs directorial debut.

I love to explore subjects that portray complex questions in a straightforward manner – one that encourages conversation and forces people to think about where they stand on the subject in their own lives. Your Love is a brief glimpse into the lives of a young married couple that touches on the nature of relationships and the ultimate dilemma we face when it comes to the matter of maintaining chemistry and romance in what can otherwise become a routine lifestyle. In any type of relationship, we often take for granted the simple gestures we can act on to keep the spark and appreciation alive.

During the process of making Your Love I talked with a variety of people. Whether single, partnered and/or navigating a difficult relationship it all came down to the same feedback: we forget – we forget, that it takes a bit of creativity, a tiny bit of fearlessness, and just a little time, to pay attention and therefore ultimately nurture what it is that brought us into a relationship in the first place. My hope is that Your Love explores sensuality, sex and attraction as a normative form of happiness. What if we factor in the possibility of honoring our sexual lives by exploring encounters that re-ignite or reinvent the attraction we felt in the first place? It would be great if an audience could walk away and feel compelled to talk about their romance and fall in love all over again with their partner.

About “Your Love

In a world where couples have a hard time nurturing their partnership.  YOUR LOVE explores a day in the life of a young couple juggling family, career and temptation.